PT Sustainability and Resilience (su-re.co) works with researchers and consultants are drawn from the best and brightest talent of Japan, Indonesia and around the world.

Founded by director Dr. Takeshi Takama, international expert in the areas of environment and sustainability, Su-re.co works in exciting environmental international development projects. Our work is backed by extensive knowledge development and transdisciplinary science..  In order to attain advanced results, Su-re.co also works hand in hand with several reputable research institutes and local consultants in our project’s destination countries. International students can also participate and gaining valuable applied experience through internship programme in Su-re.co. Environmental products often fail because of the lack of a marketplace. To support the products, we will support local and ecological products, which we found worth to support based on our scientific research.

Su-re.co wants to make a working space which does not conflict with what they recommended in the research and consulting reports.  Su-re.co is building an office with used material such as boatwood and antique wood houses.  The office does not consume much electricty and is surrounded by organic gardens.  More, importantly, Su-re.co will promote collaborating and supporting environment with the staff and beyond. So, the office will be opened as a co-working space.